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Introducing the Owner of Colorado Mountain Way Properties: Embracing Rocky Mountain Living

Owner of family owned colorado short term vacation rental cabin in the Rocky Mountains near Bpulder, Nederland, Black Hawk and Estes Park.

Greetings from the heart of the Rockies! As the proud owner of Mountain Way Properties, offering family-friendly short term vacation rentals in the Rocky Mountains, I'm thrilled to extend a warm welcome to you!

Living in the Rockies is a dream come true for our family. Every day, we count our blessings for the privilege of calling this breathtaking landscape our home. From exhilarating ski slopes to serene hiking trails, from thrilling mountain biking adventures to stand-up paddleboarding excursions, we relish every opportunity to immerse ourselves in the great outdoors.

Our family, consisting of five young adults – our beloved "kids" – along with our furry companions (typically ranging from 5 to 7 dogs, depending on our current fostering commitments), finds joy and fulfillment amidst the mountains. There's a unique magic in the crisp mountain air, the majestic vistas, and the sense of adventure that surrounds us.

In all our years and travels, we've never encountered a place that captivates our hearts quite like the Rocky Mountains. It's more than just a location; it's a way of life – one that we are deeply passionate about and eager to share with others.

Through Mountain Way Properties, our mission is simple: to offer guests an unforgettable experience that mirrors the wonder and joy we've discovered in the mountains. We have cabins with drivable access to Boulder, Denver, Estes Park and RMNP, Eldora Mountain Ski, Copper Mountain, Winter Park, A-Basin and MORE!

Whether you're seeking a luxurious mountain retreat or cabin amidst the forest pines, we're here to ensure your Rocky Mountain getaway surpasses all expectations.

Join us as we embark on this journey of mountain living, where every sunrise brings a new adventure and every sunset paints the sky with hues of wonder. Let us be your guides to the unparalleled beauty and serenity of the Rockies – a place we are honored to call home.

With warm regards,

Brigitte Johnson

Nederland, CO


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